Office Chairs

Tips on Getting Office Chairs

When looking at different office chairs, there are a number of factors to consider when trying to find the right one for you. First off, you have to ask yourself: how much time are you going to spend each day sitting in that chair. Different office chairs give better support, and that can be important when looking to sit for many hours. If that is what you are looking at doing, consider office chairs that have good lumbar (lower back) support.

Next, there is the degree of adjustability in the office chairs. If you are especially tall or short, check out office chairs that allow for a large degree of rise and fall in their height. If you're tall, you do not want to be bent over all the time; this will lead to neck and back pains. Then there is the issue of arms on the chair. Some people prefer office chairs without any arms at all. If you prefer arms, here again, make sure that they are adjustable. If the arms on the office chairs you look at are fixed, this can lead to still more trouble. If the arms are too high, when you rest your elbows on them, this will cause shoulder and back pains.

Another feature to look at in office chairs is the ability to tilt back. This can be a comfort issue, especially if you are going to be sitting for long periods. Sometimes, just being able to tilt office chairs back for a few minutes can go a long way to easing back and shoulder pains, and allowing you to rest your eyes. Along these same lines, you can get office chairs that have heat and massage built into them.

These days, more and more handicap people are remaining in the workplace. As a result, office chairs are being designed with them in mind. Some office chairs are what they call lift chairs. With the flip of a button, the seat rises up so that they can ease into it, and then it lowers them down to a seated position.

Now, on the flip side, you do have to be careful and not get office chairs that are too comfortable. Some office chairs have a headrest, which can be very good for giving neck and head support. However, if you are looking to get office chairs for a business, you may want to avoid such models. If people are too comfortable, they can become so relaxed that they fall asleep! This is not an ideal situation to encourage productivity.

On the other hand, if you are looking to get a chair for your home office, then office chairs that give good neck support came be best for you. In the case of a home office, people tend to spend a great many hours in those office chairs. So, maximum comfort and support is important. Also, be wary of using office chairs on carpeting, as they can be damaging in the long term. This is where getting a plastic mat to put under the office chairs can come in handy, and these mats are very economical. It's far cheaper to get a mat than to have to replace worn carpet.

When it comes to price, many office chairs are quite affordable; even office chairs with the special features of heat, massage etc. The key can be in going to discount stores, shopping around, and waiting for there to be sales on office chairs. Consider all of the features you want to see in office chairs before you buy, and then get the best model to suit your needs.